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    Data Science Conference Austria is part of one of the largest Data & AI franchise and fastest growing Data & AI community in Europe.
    We are Tech-first grassroots Data & AI Conference, that connects business, professionals & academia on one place.

    You may expect

    We will cover popular topics related to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data & AI Literacy and Data-Driven Decision. The program is aiming to attract data science professionals, managers, and data enthusiasts. Some of the area that Talks and Tutorials will cover are:

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    •Deep Learning & Neural Network
    •Robotics, Computer Vision, Self-driving cars
    •NLP, Virtual Agents & Recommender Systems

    Data & AI Literacy

    • Data Governance, Data Collection & Data Sharing
    • Data Protection, Data Privacy & GDPR
    • What is AI, AI systems & how to engage with AI Solutions

    Data-Driven Decision

    •Advanced and augmented analytics
    •Data & AI Driven decision making
    •Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

    The program of DSC Austria will consist of Virtual Tech Tutorials and the high-quality Conference talks.
    Virtual Tech Tutorials will be hands-on tutorials, which last for 3h and which will be happening on September 8th. We are going to organise 8 Tech Tutorials this year, which will be followed through Zoom platform. Number of seats will be limited.
    Virtual Talks & Discussions will cover various topics from the world of Data Science & AI on September 9th. We are going to organise 2 parallel sessions with over 15 talks.

    Change the world through data

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