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    Data Science Conference Austria is part of one of the largest Data & AI franchise and fastest growing Data & AI community in Europe.
    We are Tech-first grassroots Data & AI Conference, that connects business, professionals & academia on one place.

    You may expect

    This year's program will consist of two parts. The first is two days of virtual conference covering four storylines 9-10 September. The second part will be our Open Fair & Data Science summit, focusing on networking and live meet & greet.

    The four storylines we will be following on our first two days will be covering Technical, Business, Society 5.0, and Policymaking subjects.

    The program is aiming to attract data science professionals, managers, and data enthusiasts. Further, our storylines are divided as followed:

    Technical Use Cases

    •Climate change, Plastic waste, CO2 emission, and Ocean pollution
    •Green economy, green energy & AI in Agriculture
    •Reducing the Carbon footprint of Data Centres

    Business Optimization

    • Optimization of the process & Cost Reduce
    • Critical Decision Making
    • Decision Intelligence

    Society 5.0

    •Ethical AI
    •AI4Good project
    •Fairness & Bias in AI


    •Policy Overview
    •Impact of Policy on Business
    •Involving Professionals & Companies in Policymaking

    The program of DSC Austria will consist of Virtual Tech Tutorials, high-quality Conference talks & Open Fair
    Virtual Tech Tutorials will be hands-on tutorials, which last for 2.5h and which will be happening on September 9th. We are going to organise 8 Tech Tutorials this year, which will be followed through Zoom platform. Number of seats will be limited.
    Virtual Talks & Discussions will cover various topics from the world of Data Science & AI on September 10-11th. We are going to organise 4 parallel sessions with over 50 talks.
    Open Fair will be open to participate event, happening on the mid-day of September 11th. The idea behind Open Fair is to create a free program for visitors from Vienna & Austria, which will showcase the magnitude of what is doing in the field of AI. We are going to have Networking sessions connected toward AI in Arts & Culture, AI in Gaming, and AI Startups Pitch. Join our Partners, Academia & Startups representatives in one-of-a-kind free event.

    Change the world through data

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